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Ao Ola, meaning the dawn to new life, provides ‘āina to skin, skin to mana all natural products.  A modern botanical approach to the Hawaiian three piko mindset, that living a balanced lifestyle is connected to the three core elements of Piko ’Ī (spiritual connection), Piko ‘Ō (inherited connection), and Piko ‘Ā (creative connection).  Reviving your skin, body and spirit with the mana (energy) from our ’āina (land).  We provide beneficial and opportune natural products to revive and rebalance your spiritual, physical and emotional lifestyle.

We source freshly cultivated, local, native Hawaiian, wild-harvested, raw and organic ingredients to pay homage to the ancient Hawaiian mantra that we heal ourselves from the power of our land.  Creating awareness of native Hawaiian and other botanical use in everyday life.  We utilize at lease 2 native Hawaiian botanicals in all our products.


We strive to mālama our three piko (Piko ʻī, Piko ʻō, Piko ʻā) and live a happy balanced lifestyle.  As our kupuna (ancestors) and I believe, the mana that you put in, is reflected in the out come.

Handcrafted in small batches in Hawai'i.

1% of all sales is donated to the non-profit Keiki ʻo Ka ʻĀina, to give back to our community and to ensure that our younger generations are culturally inspired and perpetuate our Hawaiian heritage.


Meet the Founder - Moani

Aia wau mai ka mokupuni ʻo Oʻahu, ka moku ʻo Koʻolaupoko, ka ahupuaʻa ʻo Kāneʻohe, ka ʻili ʻo Keana.


My journey began at ke kula kaiapuni 'o Pū'ōhala (the Hawaiian immersion school of Pū'ōhala) which gave roots to my Hawaiian heritage. I spent more than 8 years working with native Hawaiian plants. My roots in Hawaiian immersion and love for how plants have the power to benefit our skin and overall health lead me to holistic aesthetics (Botanica Skincare) and inspired me to develop Ao Ola, ʻāina to skin, skin to mana all natural skin and body care products.  

After the oppression our culture has undergone, it is important to revive and perpetuate the use of native Hawaiian botanicals in every day life, which is why all our products contain at least two or more native Hawaiian botanicals.  My belief that plant-based products optimize your body, mind and spirit is why I choose to use and share these products with you.  I  am a workshop educator, licensed esthetician, mom and believer in the power of our ʻāina, mana and plants. MAHALO! 

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